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SINOTRUK & Weichai Power Join Forces To Create Wealth Efficiently

  • Date:03-14
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SINOTRUK & Weichai Power have joined forces to give full play to their synergy advantages and provide customers with the highest value products and services.


* Save energy and energy

The two crowns work together to achieve the highest thermal efficiency. China National Heavy Duty Truck and Weichai Power jointly developed and became the world's first commercial vehicle company equipped with a natural gas engine with a thermal efficiency of 54.16%. Weichai customized high-efficiency gas power exclusively for China National Heavy Duty Truck.


*Solid and reliable, transportation guaranteed

China National Heavy Duty Truck & Weichai Power's joint reliability experiments have verified that it can adapt to various extreme working conditions such as high temperature, plateau, and cold, and provide safe transportation guarantee for drivers.


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