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Do Drivers Need To Warm Up Their Cars Before Driving In Winter?

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Do Drivers Need To Warm Up Their Cars Before Driving In Winter?


After the vehicle is started, the antifreeze temperature rises rapidly. When the temperature rises to 90°C, the optimal working condition is reached. After the heat exchange reaches equilibrium, the antifreeze temperature no longer rises, and the oil that falls back into the oil case covers the various parts again, forming a stable oil film.

Hot cars originated in the era of "carburetor engines". Car engines more than 20 years ago all adopted carburetor technology, and carburetors have an optimal working temperature range. Before the working temperature is reached, the fuel cannot be fully Poor atomization and dilution will cause the oil supply system to not work properly.

With the passage of time, most of today's cars use electronic fuel injection, which has a wider operating temperature range and better gasoline atomization effect. The impact of external temperature on it is very limited. Vehicles like this do not need to be heated in place.

However, not all car models need to be warmed up. For example, diesel cars need to be heated in situ when starting. Some cars equipped with CVT gearboxes also need to be heated in situ. Manual transmission cars still need to be heated for a while... For a specific car model, the user manual of the vehicle is used as the guide. allow.

Therefore, for the EFI fuel supply system, we no longer need to "heat the car in situ" in the traditional sense, but for the lubrication system, a hot car process is still needed.


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