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All Parker Racor LNG CNG natural gas filter assembly and filter element

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Henan Jingfu Auto Parts,as authorized wholesaler of Parker Racor filters,here we summarize the 1st and 2nd generation LNG CNG natural gas filter assembly and filter element details for your reference,which are widely used for bus,truck and machinery,such as Yutong bus,Yuchai,Weichai engine,Dongfeng,Volvo,Sinotruk truck etc.

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Part I:The 1st generation Parker gas filter

1.Parker Racor FFC-110L low pressure natural gas filter assembly,or FFC-110L-10-PHC,OEM no.:Yuchai J5700-1107200A.

Length:259.1 mm,10.2 inch

Width:78.7 mm,3.1 inch

2.Inner gas filter element RK CLS110-10L/CLS110L-10,OEM No.:Weichai 612600190993;Yuchai J5700-1107240A,J5700-1107240,YR-0001,YR-0001-F;SDEC WG9925553120+001/1.

Height:12.7 cm,5 inch;

OD:3.8cm,1.5 inch(old type); 4.4cm,1.7 inch(Upgrade).

Parker Racor gas filter FFC-110L RK CLS110-10LU

3.High pressure Parker Racor FFC-112 CNG gas filter assy 

4.Inner high pressure gas filter element RK CLS112-10

Parker Racor gas filter FFC-112 CLS112-10

Part II The 2nd generation Parker Racor gas filter 

1.Low pressure Parker Racor CFE-212 LNG CNG natural gas filter assembly

OEM No.:Yuchai MY100-1107200,Weichai 1000089233,Shanghai diesel engine S00024529(SDEC),Sinotruk 202V13120-0002,FAWDE 1150080-M4Q-0000.

2.Inner gas filter element Parker Racor RK 212-08,RK212-08

OEM No.:Yuchai MY100-1107240-614,MY1001107240614;Weichai 1000089226;Shanghai diesel engine S00024530(SDEC);Sinotruk 202V13120-0003;Fawde 1150081-M4Q-0000.

Parker Racor CFE-212 RK 212-08 gas filter

3.High pressure Parker Racor CFE-212H CNG natural gas filter assembly

OEM No.:Yuchai MY100-1108200-614,MY100-1108200

4.Inner gas filter element Parker Racor RK 212H-08,RK212H-08

OEM No.:Yuchai MY100-1108240-614,MY100-1108240.

Parker Racor CFE-212H RK 212H-08 gas filter

Besides these gas filter,for any Parker Racor filters requirement,welcome to contact for details quoation.admin1@hnjingfu.com,wechat/whatsapp:+86 18137786577. 


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