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Yuchai YC6G260N-40 CNG natural gas engine and maintenance parts

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Vertical 6 cylinders Yuchai YC6G260N-40 LNG CNG natural gas fuel engine assembly is widely used for heavy duty highway trucks.Here is the details of this engine and maintenance parts.

I:Yuchai YC6G260N-40 LNG CNG natural gas engine assembly specification:

Type Vertical,in-line six-cylinder,water-cooled,four-stroke
Bore × stroke 112*132(mm)
Piston displacement  7.8 L
MAX power 191kw
Rated Rotating speed 2300r/min
Max Torque / Rotating speed 980N.m/1200-1600r/min
Lowest gas consumption at full load  ≤210 (g /kW·h)
Fuel Type LNG/CNG
Noise (ISO3744)

≤93 dB(A)

Net Weight 700 KG
Application 7-14 tons heavy duty highway trucks,Municipal machinery

II:Nearly all maintenance parts for this Yuchai YC6G260N-40 engine:

1.Natural gas filter J5700-1107200A assembly,same with Parker Racor FFC-110L-10-PHC low pressure gas filter,inner replacement gas filter element is RK CLS110-10LU.

  Parker Racor FFC-110 low pressure CNG natural gas filter assemblyParker Racor FFC-110 low pressure CNG natural gas filter assembly

 Parker Racor RK CLS110-10LU CNG low pressure gas filter

Parker Racor RK CLS110-10LU CNG low pressure gas filter

2.Waste gas bypass control valve:LN100-1118940.

3.LNG CNG natural gas fuel injector nozzle Yuchai K1A00-1113940 same with Nikki 29b001-832/29B001T-832.


4.Lube oil filter Yuchai 186-1012000B,new part no. of this is 186-1012240

Yuchai 186-1012000B new part no. 186-1012240 lube oil filter

5.Oil cooler G601C-1013100

6.Yuchai G3R00-1118100-135 TBP4 supercharger turbocharger

Yuchai G3R00-1118100A-135  supercharger turbocharger

7.Ignition coil Yuchai K1A00-3705061A

8.Bosch 0280750151 electronic throttle body valve

Bosch 0280750151 electronic throttle body valve

9.Bosch 0281002576 gas intake pressure temperature sensor

10.24V 6KW engine starter motor Yuchai G5800-3708100G-002

11.ECU G3SYAE00957

12.Engine control wire harness Yuchai D4500-3823262

13.Yuchai J5700-3823140A gas intake pressure temperature sensor,same with Yutong 3611-00445 sensor.

14.Yuchai G5AYS-1002450 belt Tensioner

Yuchai G5AYS-1002450 belt Tensioner

15.Yuchai J63YF-1002460 belt tensioner idler

For other parts of this Yuchai YC6G260N-40 LNG CNG natural gas engine,such as oxygen sensor,oil pump,exhaust pipe etc.,welcome to contact us for more details!

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