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12 oil filter machine for transformer lube hydraulic turbine oil(also for used oil)

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Oil filtration machine,can remove water and impurity in hydraulic oil,lube oil,transformer oil,turbine oil,insulation oil etc efficiently,also excellent performance on waste used oil dehydration and impurity/particle filtration,mainly have 12 different type designs as below:



For there filtration machine,the maintenance replacement filter elements mainly have 3 types:



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 Filtration machine details:


 1.Multifunction vacuum oil filter machine (click picture for details)



multifunction vacuum oil filter machine for transformer hydraulic lube gas turbine oil 


The Multi-function vacuum oil filtering filter machine is widely used for various power plants,substations,industrial and mining enterprises to filtration and purify transformer oil,turbine oil,lubricating oil,hydraulic oil,gear oil,frozen oil,compressor lube oil,bearing oil,heat treatment oil etc.This machinery is  specially designed according to different technical requirements of all kinds oil equipment.



This JDZJ series oil purifier filtration machine can effectively filtrate pollutions in oil,such as water,water soluble acid and alkali,sludge,dust impurities,mechanical impurities,and improve oil's kinematic viscosity,flash point and emulsified performance,quickly recover oil performance,make it close or meet new oil standards.


From the flow,has 20,30,50,100,150,200 LPM,1200,1800,3000,6000,9000,12000 LPH different models,OEM also available. 

                           2.Double stage vacuum oil filter machine(click picture for details)

  double stage high efficiency Vacuum oil filter machine  

This JHMSJ series double stage vacuum oil purification machine is appliable for large substation that over 110KV,mainly used for transformer on-site maintenance and deep purify treatment of high grade new oil,imported oil,transformer oil,super high voltage transformer oil etc.It's widely for power plant,power station,electric power company,substation industry,metallurgy,petrochemical,machinery,transportation,railway system etc.


It is widely used to filtrate impurity and dehydration,also working as vacuum pump(source) to fill oil for electrical insulation equipment,has more advantages when using in high altitudes.

                            3.Frame and plate oil press filter machine(click picture for details)

 Frame pressure and press oil filter filtering filtration factory supplier   

This frame and plate pressure oil filter machine is designed to power plants,steel mills,oil depots and factories related to hydraulic oil,lubricating oil,transformer oil,quenching oil,turbine oil,compressor oil and diesel oil etc,mainly is to filtrate impurity in oil.For high viscosity oil,heat maybe used to reduce the viscosity,then filtrate impurity.Not only protect environment,also save the cost.

Strengths:Fast and easy replacement of filter paper;
                Simple structure,easy operation;
                The replacement paper filter is very cheapest filter element,low maintenance cost.

                            4.Combine oil filter machine(combine frame plate type with vacuum filter style) click picture for details


 Plate Frame press and Vacuum oil filter purifier machine   

This machine combines frame type pressure oil filter with Vacuum oil purifier machine,compact design,smaller footprint,more convenient and simple for operation,widely used for power plants,steel mills,mine machinery, metallurgy, cement,petroleum,railway,chemical industry,textile,instrumentation oil depots and factories and enterprises related to hydraulic oil,lubricating oil,transformer oil,quenching oil,turbine oil,compressor oil,insulating oil and diesel oil and other industrial use oil is filtered to remove impurities and water,improve various properties of the oil. 

Models:20,30,50,100,150,200 L flow per minute ,1200, 1800,3000,6000,9000,12000 L flow per hour,OEM ok.

                            5.Oil Coalescence/Coalescing dehydration machine(click picture for details)

  coalescing coalescence dehydration oil filter machine

   coalescing coalescence dehydration oil filter machine 

This JDTJ series coalescence and dehydration machine is mainly used for fuel oil regeneration of aviation/kerosene/paraffin oil,diesel fuel etc,to remove and filtrate impurities,particulate and moisture in oil,is widely used for oil depot,oil station,fuel use,fuel production industry. 

It combine automatic emulsion-breaking,high efficiency dehydration and filtration together,can quickly remove oil pollutants such as water,gas and impurity effectively,improve oil quality.

This machine can be used as a bypass type online oil filtering system, as a pipeline filter is also available,also can be used for pumping oil,gas,recycling filter equipment independently.

Models:50,100,150,200 LPM,3000,6000,9000,12000 LPH,various choice for you.

                             6.Centrifugal oil filter machine(click picture for details)


centrifuge centrifugal centrifuging oil filter purifier machine water separator

JHDZ series centrifugal oil filter machine is impurities oil purification of cutting oil,quenching oil,oil extraction line of forging,circulating oil, antirust oil,washing,centrifugal oil for the metallurgy,mine,petrochemical,electric power,shipbuilding,engineering machine, railway locomotive,automobile,machinery processing,aircraft manufacturing,military and other industries.

PLC control,can be set to timing online automatic operation processing mode.

Don't need filter and replacement accessories, reduce lots mantenance cost,improving oil quality,greatly extend all oil's service life and saving oil consumption,more than 10 years life.


                            7.High viscosity vacuum oil filter machine(click picture for details)


high viscosity vacuum oil filter purifier refining machine 

This JDGZ filter machine is widely used for power plants,steel mills,mine machinery, metallurgy, cement, petroleum, railway,chemical industry,textile,instrumentation oil depots and factories and enterprises.It plays a significant role in the purification and regeneration of various high-viscosity oils that are polluted.extend machine life span and maintenance period.
Excellent purification and refining performance for waste used recyclilng oil.

                            8.Portable/mobile oil filter cart(click picture for details)


 portable mobile oil filter filtering filtration cart for transformer hydraulic lube oil

 This JHDU high precision oil filter car/cart is widely used for machinery manufacturing,oil production and processing,machine oil,hydraulic equipment,such as large oil pumping station,Jack,shear machine,folding machine,press machine,construction machiney hydraulic,electric power facilities construction preparation,lifting the transport machinery,machine tools,metallurgy,chemical industry,plastic injection lubrication equipment, agricultural machinery etc.,to purify and filtrate for hte machine's hydraulic oil,lube oil and cutting oil. 

Reliable performance,easy maintenance and simple convenient operation,high precision,low working noise,can be used as preparation of oil liquid perfusion and regular filtration for the hydraulic system,static pressure system,lubrication system and all kinds of oil equipment.


                            9.Hydraulic oil vacuum filter machine(click picture for details)

   vacuum hydraulic oil filter purifier cleaning machine 

This hydraulic oil filtration machine is widely used for all kinds of hydraulic oil filtration purifier of power plants,steel mills,mine machinery, metallurgy, cement,petroleum,railway,chemical industry,textile,instrumentation oil depots and factories and enterprises,extend machine life span and maintenance period.Especially for ordinary hydraulic oil,anti-wear hydraulic oil,industrial hydraulic oil etc.

Unique dehydration,degassing system,using stereo evaporation technology,multi oil water separation technology,separate of water and gas in oil rapidly. 

Excellent automatic constant temperature controll system,automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration,ensure the high performance of machine operation.


                            10.Lube/lubricant vacuum oil filtration purifier machine(click picture for details)


vacuum lube lubricant oil filter purifier machine

This JDGL series lubrication system filtering machine is mainly used for high precision lubricating oil regeneration of unqualified lubricating oil,anti-wear hydraulic oil etc.According to the characteristics of high impurity content of the mechanical lubricant, thethe machine has a short processing cycle and high efficiency,and can quickly remove oil pollutants such as water,gas and impurity effectively,improve oil quality and recover lube oil viscosity,flash point and performance, ensure the safe common operation of hydraulic system,power system and lube oil system.

                            11.Turbine transformer vacuum oil filtering machine(click picture for details)


 vacuum turbine transformer oil filtering filter purify machine

JDTB series transformer gas turbine oil filter machine is achievements of absorbing the latest domestic and international oil cleaning technology,combine coalescence,cold condensation,filtration and vacuum oil cleaning technology in one,a new generation of turbine oil purification product developed successfully.


This machine has the advantages of compact structure,reasonable design,comvenient simple operation.

With the coalescence and vacuum oil purifier combination,cycle heating and instant temperature display control,it can effectively solve the oil emulsion under high temperature condition,and the water content is completely evaporated.

Also choosing high precise filter,the filtering accuracy is below 5 micron.The water removed and separated will be released during running directly,without stopping the machine operation.

This machine is designed for longer lifespan,high operating efficiency,meeting international requirement,can work together with steam turbine unit simultaneously,purifying storage turbine oil is also avaliable,is the first preferred products for many power plants and industrial and mining enterprises.

                            12.Insulation/Insulating vacuum oil filter machine(click picture for details)


insulating insulation oil filter purifier machine

This JDYG series insulation oil purifier machine is mainly used for insulating dielectric oil purification filter filtering treatment of 220kv and below power transmission and transformation equipment,can remove oil pollutants such as water,gas and mini micron impurity effectively,improve withstand voltage ability and quality of oil,ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Besides using for insulating oil purification treatment of transformers,power capacitor,high voltage switch and pipe insulation etc.,also for vacuum oil filling and hot oil circulation drying of high-voltage electrical equipment.


Replacement filter element details:


                            1.Coarse filter element(click picture for details)


coarse filter coalescing media filter for oil purifier filter filtration filtering machine

This JHDF series filter element is widely used for various oil system to filtrate impurity that generated internally in system operation or external mixed.Mainly installed on the oil suction road,oil pressure road,bypass tube,or unique filtration filtering system.

The coarse filter element adopts stainless steel net.so the filter can be water washable cleaned frequently and conveniently.

                            2.High prcision coalescing filter element(click picture for details)


 high efficienciy filter coalescing media filter for oil purifier filter filtration filtering machine  

Thi high precission coalescing filter element adopts composite materials,the starting resistance is small,large flow area,long time working withour clogging.


                            3.Paper filter for frame and plate oil pressure filter machine(very cheap,low maintenance) click picture for details

    paper filter for plate and frame oil press filter machine 

We produce the oil filter paper with cotton linter as raw material,has good performance on absorbent filter,high compression strength,filtration precision.


Paper Hole puncher punching machine is also avaliable.

OEM the filters accoring your requirement is also available.

Applicable range of filtration:

Petroleum,chemical,pharmaceutical,industrial oil etc. organic suspended turbid,with separation of the solid,semi solid impurity filtering.

Such as oil filter machine,transformer oil,turbine oil,lubricating oil,hydraulic oil,oil,soluble organic liquid paraffin,oil analogy synthetic resin,sebacic acid dioctyl fat melting.

And liquid medicine,dyes,drinks,plating liguid filtration.The pH was neutral,strong water absorption,excellent filtration performance,and can't be replaced by filter cloth,filter net.


All these machines can be customizeed,flow,color etc,also workable for waste used recycling oil,heavy oil,black oil etc. 

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