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ZHONGTONG Bus Makes “Four Commitments” To Global Customers!

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On the morning of January 23, 2024, Shandong Heavy Industry·Weichai Powers third global partner conference and Southeast Asia new product exhibition was grandly held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is a sign that Shandong Heavy Industry is actively implementing the Belt and Road” initiative and deepening its global strategic layout. The third stop. More than 1,000 dealers, major customers, financial partners and media friends from more than 20 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand attended the conference to discuss cooperation and friendship and draw a blueprint for the future.

Xuguang Tan gave a keynote speech on "Collaboration to Create Higher Value for Customers", facing the future and making "four commitments" to global customers. First, optimize the life cycle value of products and let customers make money; second, improve product attendance rate, Let customers use it with more confidence and worry-free; thirdly, ZHONGTONG will provide customers with the most satisfactory and fast service; fourthly, allow customers to enjoy the technology, safety, comfort and environmental protection brought by the product!


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