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Cooling Device For Trucks

  • Date:09-01
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 In the hot summer, how to reduce the temperature of the cab or feel cool?


In addition to our common ventilated seats, air conditioners, sun visors, car refrigerators, etc., Volvo has launched the I-Park Cool system, which can be fully integrated into the vehicle's air conditioning system, but it is an independent air conditioning system. Can provide a comfortable temperature for the cab when parked without starting the engine.


The I-Park Cool system is efficient to use and can provide 1000 watts of cooling power throughout the night. It can also run at 2,500 watts of cooling power if you want to take a break from the hot summer days. Not only can it save fuel and reduce emissions, it can also improve safety during rest and the quality of rest for the driver.


The working principle of the I-Park Cool system is to use a turbine to convert the waste heat of the engine into electrical energy, store it in the battery, and then provide cold air to the cab through an electric compressor. The system can run for 10 hours with the engine off and can be controlled via a remote or a mobile app.


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