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Symptoms Before Brake Failure

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 According to statistics, 30% of the annual traffic accidents in the country are caused by "brake failure". What should I do if the sudden brake failure occurs? Is there any "warning" before the brake fails?


1The hot car takes a long time. After starting the engine, it is essential to heat up the car in place for one minute and control it, whether it is winter or summer. If the car is hot for more than ten minutes before it becomes strong, it may be due to a loss of pressure in the transmission pipeline that supplies pressure, making it impossible to provide braking force in a timely manner. The car owner needs to check if there are any loose or loose conditions on the vacuum booster hose of the brake master cylinder and the engine support.

2Trembling when pressing the brake. Usually, due to inaccurate flatness of the brake disc surface (especially in older vehicles), the faster the vehicle speed, the more violent the vibration when applying the brake, and it is advocated for car owners to replace the brake pads.

3The brakes never return to their original position. During the braking process, if the brake does not return to its original position, it is necessary to determine whether the brake fluid is missing, whether there is oil leakage at the brake cylinder, pipelines, and joints, and whether the master cylinder and cylinder components are damaged.

4Pressing the brake results in a partial braking. When the brake is about to stop, the steering wheel always turns to one side. The main consideration is the uneven force exerted by the brake system's steering wheel on the brake pads.

5The brakes are getting harder and harder. When stepping on the brake, it is both high and hard, difficult to start or difficult to move. It may be because the one-way valve in the vacuum reservoir of the brake assist system is broken, the vacuum level cannot be reached, and the brake is pressed too hard, requiring timely replacement of accessories.


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