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Yutong ZK6122H bus exported to Uzbekistan on June.2019

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This year Yutong bus exported 168 units ZK6122H bus to Uzbekistan,it's an upgrade buses used in World Cup of Russia,mainly used for transport operation of Tashkent to other cities in Uzbekistan and to Moscow,Kazan,Ekaterina Fort etc.

About the operating environment,Tashkent is more than 3,000 KM from Moscow and it takes 6 days for a one-way trip.The distance is long and the road conditions are poor.Moreover,the temperature in Russia is about -40 °C in winter and 50 °C in summer in Uzbekistan.The temperature difference is extremely large.

Yutong ZK6122H bus exported to Uzbekistan on June.2019

Considering the complex operation environment of these ZK6122H buses in local,also for safety and reliability assurance,these buses has been upgraded not only in transmissions, axles and other components,but also for internal parts.In order to enhance the comfort of long-distance transportation,220V inverter,USB interface in seat back,HDTV,driver rest room,bathroom etc are installed.

Yutong ZK6122H bus exported to Uzbekistan on June.2019 

Here is detail specification of Yutong bus ZK6122H.

Type Passenger bus,Tourist bus etc.
Dimension(mm) 12000*2550*3830
Weight(kg) 18000
Seats 25-59
Max. Speed(km/h) 120

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